The skin is a organ in constant renewal. Collagen is also continuously renewed and degraded.

Passing of age, generates a decrease in water and collagen.

So to try to keep our skin young and wrinkle free, we must try to increase the concentration of Collagen and Water.

After an interview with a famous Drs.a expert in aesthetic medicine. I realized that the most natural way to improve the appearance of the skin, was to drink a lot of water and take a supplement of Collagen Marine hydrolyzed with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid.

There are many Collagen supplements on the market, it is very important to evaluate Collagen concentrations.

Collagen is a protein, which can be compared to a chain curled up on itself. The links in the chain are amino acids. In the stomach and intestine this collagen protein chain is unrolled and broken into single rings (amino acids) or small chains (dipeptides and tripeptides). At this point the amino acids are absorbed by the intestine and enter the blood.


These amino acids that come into the blood are not always used for the synthesis of the Collegene at the level of the skin. Collagen synthesis at the skin level requires the presence of Vitamin C

Hyaluronic acid instead is a normal component of the skin, where it forms a kind of gel that incorporates a lot of water. A skin rich in hyaluronic acid is a more hydrated and firm skin.

This is why it is recommended to take a Collagen supplement that also contains VITAMIN C and Hyaluronic Acid


Read the informations labels well.

Make sure it is hydrolyzed marine collagen (or fish). From a microbiological point of view, marine collagen is a source of safer extraction than bovine collagen. While plant collagen has an amino acid composition that is too different from the human one


If taken in powder (cheaper solution, compared to liquid Collagen), dilute the dose (often found a dispenser) in a glass of water. Unfortunately, the taste is very bad 🙁 You can dilute it in a juice, even if we advise to take it only with water!


You will feel the skin improved and “fresher”, even if obviously you will not have a Lifting effect 🙂 You will notice absolutely a better aspect of the skin!

There are no contraindications, but it is good to suspend the intake a few months during the year, to ensure that its intake is more effective.

Obviously drink a lot of water, treat and moisturize your skin !!!




Breakfast is the most important moment of the day!

It is not necessary a nutritionist to have a confirmation, especially if you are a sports type, you will know better your body, and you will have realized that a good energy intake in the morning is essential for the continuation of the day.

With the elimination of refined sugar from eating habits, breakfast was certainly the most complicated meal to rebuild.

Consider that a normally HEALTHY Breakfast, which includes a cup of milk with cereals or a yogurt, bread with jam, fruit and coffee unfortunately contains a few added sugars. Imagine a ” UNHEALTHY BREAKFAST” based on croissants and baked desserts 🙁

Finding a valid, energetic, satiating and good alternative at the same time was not easy. But have discovered Acai Breakfast based on oats was a nice surprise!!:-)

I already knew about the fruit of Acai (there is a bar in Barcelona ZUMITO, where it is possible to try some AMAZING  Acai bowl :-). Acai berries are small, round and purple color.  The Acai plant grows in the swampy areas of the tropical forests of central and South America. It is a fruit rich in fibers, with high satiating power, with large quantities of anthocyanins and flavonoids that are powerful antioxidants that defend the body from free radicals.

But let’s go to the Breakfast 🙂

HOW TO PREPARE a good Breakfast based on Acai?

I have experimented and combined various recipes (these are not original recipes, but my version of the famous ACAI BOWL fashionable Californian’s meal). The original acai bowl is an Acai berry cream made with Greek yogurt.

THE ORIGINAL RECIPE of the acai bowl is based on Greek yogurt and coconut milk, honey, banana frozen , berries frozen, Acai berries or Acai powder (1 teaspoon). All blended in a mixer and garnished with coconut, granola and other fresh fruit to taste, usually berries and strawberries.

Early morning experiments led me to formulate a variant of the original recipe.

I created an AVENA ACAI BOWL with no added sugar, it consists of a “porridge” based on small oats, cooked over low heat with water (you can cook it with oat milk o rice milk), with the addition of frozen raspberries to give a slightly sweeter taste. When cooking for about 5 minutes, add a tablespoon of Acai powder and continue to mix. Garnish the recipe with fresh fruits, apple, kiwi, chia seeds, or almonds, walnuts and a sprinkling of oats.

I tried different combinations of AVENA ACAI BOWL, probably the version that i prefered  was the variant with Mango. Give space to imagination and create your own ACAI BOWL !!!

Preparing breakfast is very simple, you will lose only 10 minutes to prepare it (cooking 5 min + cut the fruit and garnish 5 min). Afterwards sip your coffee or tea, and you are ready to face the busy day without SUGAR!