Ely is a SUP Pilates expert and works in Barcelona, Spain, where she runs her business: Pilates SUP Beach, which she teaches in classes, in front of the famous luxury W-Hotel.

AWAYA is pleased to announce its latest “Awaya” Ambassador,
Ely (Elisabet) Merino from Spain, who became part of the “Awayagirls” team. She works between March and November in front of the W Hotel, located in the historic city of Barcelona, where she runs her super busy classes: Pilates SUP Beach.

“My classes are 50′ ones” explains Ely.
“And they start with generic articolar mobility exercises to a knowledge the breathing part and the client’s posture on the board followed by tone up exercises that involve the abdominal muscles and gluteus, then learning how to hold still the back and to follow more difficult exercises where balance is involved.”
On top of being an activity that increases our body’s awareness, developing coordination, agility and resistance, Pilates on the stand up paddle tones up all the muscles in our body, the undulatory movement of the board helps relaxing and releasing the tension and it’s an extremely entertaining and stimulating group activity.
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Between the golden dunes of the beach of Puzziteddu, by the Wind Resort (Sicily) the first “Awaya girl sport event” took place.
Kitesurf, Pilates sup and yoga are only few of the many disciplines that have seen all these ladies gathering.
There was training along with with relaxation and fun at the beach.
This is the Awaya spirit.

Summer 2017 is near and we are ready for the next “Awaya Event”.
Our calendar includes new exclusive experiences: new classes, product tasting and training sessions guided by qualified instructors

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