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The skirt is the definition of femininity and often creates a flattering figure.

AWAYA’s skirt is the perfect choice for fashion-conscious women athlete. Ideal for Running, Padel, Fitness, Gym is definitely my favorite piece of running attire for its high performance design and super stylish fit.

There are running skirts with and without a built-in inner pant (or inner tights). AWAYA’S Skirt with inner pant, this offers optimum freedom of movement, even on running and fitness. The mesh shorties help you stay cool and dry on long or short runs.

The fabric has a high stretch factor, is very breathable. The inner pant is very light, thin fabric with a generous mesh. “Remember that the fabric should be soft, light, and thin, but also robust enough to withstand a lot of wash cycles.”


Your AWAYA running skirt must has a pocket on the waistband (back) for stowing keys, cash and so on.  This way your keys or phone or gels don’t “jog” with you, even during fast running intervals or during your fitness training.


Choose our design to be stylous !!!!











WAKING UP is hard to do. Even if you’ve gotten a full eight to ten hours of shut-eye, getting out of bed in the morning can be such a drag…and if you’re body’s not energized from the get-go, it can be rough to get your day on track. Wake up your senses first thing in the morning with a class of  yoga.

Most people love the idea of exercising on the beach with a nice and comfortable outfit AWAYA FITNESS

Sand is a great medium for a workout–it forces you to balance and use muscles you might not be using in your typical routine. But how do you exercise on the beach?


Why do yoga on the beach? 

Practicing yoga on the beach is a full mind, body and soul experience. The smell of salt in the air, the feel of sand on your body and the soothing sound of waves crashing onto the beach gives the perfect scene for a calm setting. When you practice near or on the beach, your yoga practice becomes heightened and an amazing, beautiful experience where you feel 100% connected to yourself, at peace and completely alive.

Simply by connecting our breath to movement we become more aware, present and less tense.

We use our five senses to become even more in touch with ourselves, taking the mind off of our thoughts, the chatter, the tension, the past and the future – leaving us a whole lot happier and healthier after that one hour together.

Being aware of your senses brings you to a more focused, lighter and calm state of being – something I think we can all agree we need more of in our lives on a daily basis! Consider each sense during your practice…










AWAYA is created in Barcelona in the last April 2016 by the italian sisters Paola and Silvia Saitta
Our passion for outdoor sports, good and healthy life, Italian Fashion, texstyle background and new technologies has driven us to create fashion gear www.awayawear.com to enable you to freely enjoy and challenge yourself in the worlwide.

We want to inspire people from all over the world to live joyful adventures.




The W of our logo comes from a lotus flower. Lotus is one of the most beautiful and admired aquatic plants, not only for its ornamental effect but also for its significance in many Oriental cultures. Lotus flower has come to be associated with purity and beauty. In the night time the lotus close its flowers and sink into the water. In actual fact the lotus slowly emerges from a pond over a three day period and than blooms in the morning until mid afternoon.

W is the beginning of the words WIND, WATER, WAVE and WOMAN. These four elements inspired us.



Ely is a SUP Pilates expert and works in Barcelona, Spain, where she runs her business: Pilates SUP Beach, which she teaches in classes, in front of the famous luxury W-Hotel.

AWAYA is pleased to announce its latest “Awaya” Ambassador,
Ely (Elisabet) Merino from Spain, who became part of the “Awayagirls” team. She works between March and November in front of the W Hotel, located in the historic city of Barcelona, where she runs her super busy classes: Pilates SUP Beach.

“My classes are 50′ ones” explains Ely.
“And they start with generic articolar mobility exercises to a knowledge the breathing part and the client’s posture on the board followed by tone up exercises that involve the abdominal muscles and gluteus, then learning how to hold still the back and to follow more difficult exercises where balance is involved.”
On top of being an activity that increases our body’s awareness, developing coordination, agility and resistance, Pilates on the stand up paddle tones up all the muscles in our body, the undulatory movement of the board helps relaxing and releasing the tension and it’s an extremely entertaining and stimulating group activity.
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Between the golden dunes of the beach of Puzziteddu, by the Wind Resort (Sicily) the first “Awaya girl sport event” took place.
Kitesurf, Pilates sup and yoga are only few of the many disciplines that have seen all these ladies gathering.
There was training along with with relaxation and fun at the beach.
This is the Awaya spirit.

Summer 2017 is near and we are ready for the next “Awaya Event”.
Our calendar includes new exclusive experiences: new classes, product tasting and training sessions guided by qualified instructors

Follow us on Facebook and stay tuned on our upcoming appointments.

Come on, join the team!

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