There are many marketing theories about brand success. There are many variables that affect the creation of a brand.

Nowadays it is always easier to create appealing and quality products. We remain convinced of the idea that the PRODUCT remains one of the key points in the creation of added value to the brand. Obviously it is not the only element.


Is very Inportant Choosing the right moment in your career, often the right time comes after experiences in other brands. Having clear ideas, experience and a solid background are fundamental aspects to define the path you want to undertake, decide objectives and evaluate costs and opportunities.

You have to be tested for years and to assess that you have the right frame of mind to start a project, you must have realized the many difficulties that arise, and evaluate your entrepreneurial skills. There are many difficulties encountered in a competitive world such as fashion!

Another decisive aspect, to create a close-knit and motivated work team. You have to believe a lot in yourself, in the success of the project, not give up in front of the difficulties, know how to manage relationships well, be creative and entrepreneurial at the same time. Automatically you will create yourself a “bubble” of positivity, of enthusiasm, you will gradually create a team of motivated and close-knit people. This is absolutely the added value of a brand (beyond the product, which remains of the idea is crucial)


The absolute most fascinating part for a designer is to see the creation of a garment. Creating a fully customized garment requires many hours of work. From the phase of the realization of the model to the final phase of the garment.

Choose the right fabric, in the case of sportswear, look for the right breathability, the perfect resistance are aspects that compete with the manufacturer and the product manager, with the fundamental contribution of those who wear the clothes daily. These are complex judgments and assessments, which often involve high costs. A team work, in which the modeller must be able to perceive the sensations and needs of the final customer, the manufacturer must verify the feasibility from the technical point of view (stitching, fabrics…), the designer must perceive the sensations and the external environment, must know the market and trends.

Creativity is one of the key aspects of a product’s success

We will dedicate a new post to the theme of DESIGN, how the trends are defined, and the collections, how the graphic and color tests are carried out, and the temporal moments (the calendar) for the production of the garments.

Nothing is left to chance !!!


Start the new year with a positive charge, a “clean” charge made of new sensations and discovering a new kind of well-being.

This is the REAL motivation behind the choice of wanting to start a new food journey, more healthy and balanced. A jouney that can be started with the radical elimination of refined sugars from one’s eating habits. A 21-day SUGAR FREE challenge that can change your life 🙂

For who likes the good food, sweets, chocolate, wine seems impossible to think such a thing, but the desire for well-being can lead you to start this experience. You will enjoy many benefits, and you will notice them, day after day, so you will want to continue the SUGAR FREE challenge.

The first 7 days are not easy, you will enter the kitchen and you leave without having eaten nothing, you will come back another time and you will ask: Is it possible that all the foods contain sugar? Yes, many foods, sometimes even the most apparently healthy, contain refined sugar. The first days the fixed thought will be: it will be 21 hell days!

Finding yourself in the kitchen, at home or on the street, thinking what I can eat during these 21 days? Sugar really creates a strong dependency, eliminating it radically creates imbalance, and nervousness, except to discover, step by step, that its elimination in a short time, generates an incredible state of well-being.

After about 8-10 days you start to sleep better, you feel with better energy (refined sugar does not bring energy, it decreases your energy!), you are not always tired anymore, your mind is more alive, you will no longer have continuous hunger during the day (sugar does not satisfy, generates hunger), your body changes, during workouts you improve your performance without decreasing energy, you feel more charged, everything motivates you so much that you only want to keep feeling good.

After 15 days, the general well-being achieved will surprise you. Sleeping 6hrs consecutive during night is no longer a mirage for those who suffer from insomnia. You feel full of positive energy, and very motivated to want to continue this lifestyle for a long time. Begin to take care of the nutrition even more, you no longer want to feel tired, to feel “impure” and the desire to feel healthy and “clean” pushes you to change even more habits and nutrition. You will feel the need to eat healthier and to feel cleaner  reduce the meat consumption, dairy products and carbohydrates such as bread, pizza and pasta.




  • Begin this pursuit of the 21 days with a friend, the motivation will be double
  • Every time that you feel a slight sensation of hunger, fill it with any food that does not contain sugar (try not to tamper this feeling with the fruit !!!!). Suggestions: dried fruit such as almonds, walnuts, rice cakes, avocado, salmon
  • Do not overdo the fruit and above all avoid consumption in the evening
  • Preference is given to vegetable carbohydrates: legumes such as lentils, barley, chickpeas, quinoa and fish
  • Preference raw vegetables
  • Recommend for a great breakfast: acai bowl based on oats, with pieces of fruit (rich, energetic and healthy)



WAKING UP is hard to do. Even if you’ve gotten a full eight to ten hours of shut-eye, getting out of bed in the morning can be such a drag…and if you’re body’s not energized from the get-go, it can be rough to get your day on track. Wake up your senses first thing in the morning with a class of  yoga.

Most people love the idea of exercising on the beach with a nice and comfortable outfit AWAYA FITNESS

Sand is a great medium for a workout–it forces you to balance and use muscles you might not be using in your typical routine. But how do you exercise on the beach?


Why do yoga on the beach? 

Practicing yoga on the beach is a full mind, body and soul experience. The smell of salt in the air, the feel of sand on your body and the soothing sound of waves crashing onto the beach gives the perfect scene for a calm setting. When you practice near or on the beach, your yoga practice becomes heightened and an amazing, beautiful experience where you feel 100% connected to yourself, at peace and completely alive.

Simply by connecting our breath to movement we become more aware, present and less tense.

We use our five senses to become even more in touch with ourselves, taking the mind off of our thoughts, the chatter, the tension, the past and the future – leaving us a whole lot happier and healthier after that one hour together.

Being aware of your senses brings you to a more focused, lighter and calm state of being – something I think we can all agree we need more of in our lives on a daily basis! Consider each sense during your practice…










“Once you go black you’ll never go back”

Thumbs up for our brand New Fitness Collection, featuring tops and bottoms, where style and comfort are the main protagonists!

Match your favorite TOP with the LEGGINGS’ design that fits you the most and dare to stand out of the crowd.
The eclectic style that characterize our garments make it easy to go from a sport to another (including water sport) without needing to change. Isn’t it great, walking out of the gym and diving straight into the ocean for a surf session in the same gorgeous outfit?

We are fond of the “the black edition”, because with good basic you’ll have endless options – and you never go wrong with black, right?

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