There are many marketing theories about brand success. There are many variables that affect the creation of a brand.

Nowadays it is always easier to create appealing and quality products. We remain convinced of the idea that the PRODUCT remains one of the key points in the creation of added value to the brand. Obviously it is not the only element.


Is very Inportant Choosing the right moment in your career, often the right time comes after experiences in other brands. Having clear ideas, experience and a solid background are fundamental aspects to define the path you want to undertake, decide objectives and evaluate costs and opportunities.

You have to be tested for years and to assess that you have the right frame of mind to start a project, you must have realized the many difficulties that arise, and evaluate your entrepreneurial skills. There are many difficulties encountered in a competitive world such as fashion!

Another decisive aspect, to create a close-knit and motivated work team. You have to believe a lot in yourself, in the success of the project, not give up in front of the difficulties, know how to manage relationships well, be creative and entrepreneurial at the same time. Automatically you will create yourself a “bubble” of positivity, of enthusiasm, you will gradually create a team of motivated and close-knit people. This is absolutely the added value of a brand (beyond the product, which remains of the idea is crucial)


The absolute most fascinating part for a designer is to see the creation of a garment. Creating a fully customized garment requires many hours of work. From the phase of the realization of the model to the final phase of the garment.

Choose the right fabric, in the case of sportswear, look for the right breathability, the perfect resistance are aspects that compete with the manufacturer and the product manager, with the fundamental contribution of those who wear the clothes daily. These are complex judgments and assessments, which often involve high costs. A team work, in which the modeller must be able to perceive the sensations and needs of the final customer, the manufacturer must verify the feasibility from the technical point of view (stitching, fabrics…), the designer must perceive the sensations and the external environment, must know the market and trends.

Creativity is one of the key aspects of a product’s success

We will dedicate a new post to the theme of DESIGN, how the trends are defined, and the collections, how the graphic and color tests are carried out, and the temporal moments (the calendar) for the production of the garments.

Nothing is left to chance !!!

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